8 Cavity silicone homemade cake scone baking mold

Nowadays, more and more people choose silicone baking mold,why?

Due to the advantage feature of Silicone baking mold:

1.Made of 100% food grade silicone
2.Temperature range:-40~230 degree
3.Safe to use in ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers and freezers
4.they’re naturally non stick,easy to clean, flexible
5.More durable lifetime than any other bake wares
6.Various colors available,brightly colored, and delightfully
7.Silicone bakeware can bake a perfectly good cake or loaf of bread.
8.it is long-lasting, easy to store, lightweight, and portable.
9.They cool down very quickly, safer for families with children

How to use silicone cake mold

  1. Stir the cake making ingredients according to the cake making recipe, and put them in the silicone cake mold.
  2. Put the raw materials according to the shape of the silicone cake mold and shape the cake.
  3. Sprinkle decorations such as chocolate and raisins on top of the cake making ingredients.
  4. Put the cake silicone mold filled with ingredients into the oven.
  5. After baking, take out the cake silicone mold and let it cool down naturally.
  6. Take the finished cake out of the silicone mold and demold it.

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