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Tips for How to clean the silicone wristband

How to clean the silicone wristband?

Silicone wristband is more and more popular for kids and adult.

It’s made of food grade silicone,and might get dirty dust or grease ,or other dirty things on its surface after a long time wearing.This will affect the wearing experience and its fashion looks.

So how to clean the silicone wristband?

Here are some tips:

1,Clean water

When the silicone bracelet is dirty, the most simple and effective way is to rinse it with clean water.

2,Wipe with a damp cloth

If the liquid silicone bracelet is not very dirty, you can use a clean wet cloth to clean the surface of the silicone bracelet.

3,Smear with toothpaste

If the silicone bracelet is accidentally stained with stains or oil, you can use a moist soft toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to scrub, rinse with clean water.And then Wipe dry with a napkin or soft cloth

4,Use an eraser

If the silicone bracelet has sticky glue marks, you can use an eraser to remove the glue marks. Then use a cotton swab to stick some alcohol on the glue marks for about one minute, and gently wipe with the cotton swab to remove the glue marks.

5,Shower gel, laundry detergent

Apply the shower gel liquid directly to the part of the liquid silicone bracelet that needs to be cleaned, and rinse off with water after wiping it enough.


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