A Simple Guide To Silicone Cup Holder

What is a silicone cup holder

The cups in life are made of glass or stainless steel with fast conduction performance, it is inconvenient to hold directly once hot beverages insde. Therefore, there is a cup holder made of silicone gel with its high temperature resistance. Usually we can see these silicone cup holder for coffee cups and glass milk bottles.

The material of the silicone cup holder

It is made of high-quality silicone material, and the material meets relevant safety certifications (such as FDA, UL, ROHs); the applicable temperature range of the product is -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, and the silicone material features of heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, water and moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch-resistant, non-slip etc. Cup holder made of silicone is soft and feels comfortable.

Advantages of silicone cup holder

Heat preserving: The silicone cup holder can play the role of heat preserving.
Anti-slip: The silicone cup holder can effectively increase the friction of the outer wall of the water cup to achieve the purpose of anti-slip.
Heat insulation: The silicone cup holder can effectively isolate the heat of the water cup after pouring hot water to prevent the user from being burned.
Beautiful: The silicone cup holder can be made in various shapes and colors, can be designed to eliminate the monotonous characteristics of the glass and increase the beauty.
Protection: The silicone cup holder can also protect the glass from abrasion or breakage, and has a certain anti-fall protection feature.

The color of the silicone cup holder

The color of cup holder is formulated by adding a certain ratio of color paste to the raw silicone materials. In theory, the colors of silicone cup holder can be adjusted to the Pantone color card, but in actual conditions, there will be a certain degree of color difference.

Where are the silicone cup holders mainly used?

Silicone cup holders are mainly used for coffee cups in European and American countries where coffee is popular, such as coffee bottle holders in Starbucks restaurants. While these silicone cp holders used in the company’s water bottle shows the company’s brand and strength. Used on the glass of baby products to protect the delicate hands of the baby from being scalded when drinking milk. It can also be used for trade fairs, commercial promotion, business gifts and other industries.

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